Monday, February 13, 2012

Randy Moss: Should the Jets Consider Signing Him?

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With today's news that Randy Moss plans to come out of retirement on his 35th birthday, rumors will inevitably swirl about Moss and the Jets being a fit: New York is unlikely to retain the services of Plaxico Burress and had serious interest in Moss last season.

The real question is: Should the Jets pursue Moss? While the possibility is tempting and it's always nice to give a shorter quarterback like Mark Sanchez a big target, I think the Jets should pass on the future Hall of Famer once again.

History tends to repeat itself and for the Jets, this would be deja vu all over again. Burress missed two seasons thanks to jail and came back at age 34. Moss didn't play last season and will be coming back at age 35.

Moss was still a stud in 2009 with 84 receptions, 1,264 yards and 13 touchdowns before going back to his malcontent ways in 2010, leading the Patriots to cut him outright. Burress had a great season in 2007 and a solid half-season in 2008 before shooting himself in the foot at a New York nightclub.

Burress was largely a disappointment this season with the exception of his three-touchdown game against San Diego in October. That was his only multi-touchdown game and he had more than four catches or 75 yards just once all season.

The Jets should be looking to get younger and faster at wide receiver. Moss accomplishes neither of those goals while adding another potential diva to the locker room alongside Santonio Holmes.

Unlike a guy like Terrell Owens, Moss has often been a good teammate in the NFL, especially when his teams were winning and he was a large part of their success. The last thing Mark Sanchez needs in his make-or-break season is another potential spat with a receiver who may not be contributing to winning (or losing) as much as he thinks he should be.

Everybody knows Randy Moss is talented and I don't doubt that he can make more of an impact this year than Plaxico Burress did last season. He's one less year removed from the game and was by far a better receiver in his prime. Moss can help a team in 2012, but it shouldn't be the Jets.

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