Monday, October 11, 2010

Boise State to top BCS standings?

A month ago, all I can remember hearing is how Virginia Tech's loss to James Madison meant Boise State was overrated. Fast forward a month later and they're projected to be #1 in the first BCS rankings which come out on Sunday?

What has changed in a month that the Broncos go from overrated to top-rated? For one, Alabama's double-digit loss to South Carolina dropped them to 8th in the polls and a projected 10th in the BCS standings. Somehow undefeated #1 Ohio State is only projected to be fifth, but that's besides the point.

Virginia Tech has won four straight games and leads the ACC Coastal division. Boise State's other notable victory came against Oregon State, another team people loved to question to try and bring the Broncos down.

The Beavers are just 3-2 this season but those losses came against two top 10 teams, TCU and Boise State. They played a third top 10 team this past weekend in Arizona and all they did was pull out a 29-27 victory. Boise State's big wins look much better now, don't they?

The Broncos have done everything they can so far this season to prove they're a legitimate team. Sure they've played some patsies, but the combined score of the three games they played against Wyoming, New Mexico State and Toledo was 167-20. And they scored over 30 points in both games they played against ranked teams. Good teams beat good teams and dominate bad ones. Boise State has done that so far this season.

What else does this team need to do to earn respect around the country? Their remaining schedule, outside of a matchup with #19 Nevada in November, suggests they will likely run the table. And if they're going to be atop the BCS standings in six days and finish undefeated, that says they should be playing for a national title, right?

This is all speculation right now, as far as the BCS standings go and the results for the remainder of the season. But if everything turns out like I described above and the Broncos somehow get left out of the national championship picture, something is extremely wrong with the system. Not that people don't already feel that way anyway.

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