Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Interest in women's basketball still nonexistant despite UConn's record streak

I hate to say that I would rather watch the North Carolina men's team lose 11 out of 16 conference games and go 16-15 this year than watch the Connecticut women roll off 71 straight wins but I would; women's basketball just isn't entertaining. To me, it's the equivalent of Division III men's basketball and I'm talking about the WNBA here. Women's college basketball is more akin to 14-17 year-old boys playing in high school.

I'm not debating that these girls have talent. Some can shoot, some have handle, and occasionally one can dunk. Basketball at its best is a fast-paced, high-flying game and no offense, but women just can't provide anywhere near the level of entertainment that men can.

Which brings me to this year's UConn women. They are awesome. They beat teams handily every time out and haven't won any of their past 71 games by less than 10 points. I think that stat more than any other proves how pathetic women's basketball really is.

You're telling me that not one of the 71 teams they've beaten has gotten lucky enough to even keep a game close. The Huskies have played plenty of top-10 teams throughout this streak, and none of those teams were good enough to lose by single digits?

A SportsCenter poll showed that 68.5 percent of people's interest in women's basketball didn't change as a result of UConn streak and 19.4 percent were actually LESS INTERESTED. How can an awesome streak like this make you less interested in a sport?!? (Note: only 12.1 percent were more interested)

My guess is because it takes up five minutes on SportsCenter whenever the ladies play. And in those five minutes, I'm sure everybody would rather see an NBA or men's college basketball highlight. Hell, put hockey on and I'm sure people would care more. And this is America!

The bottom line is that no matter how great Tina Charles, Maya Moore and the rest of the UConn team are, nobody will ever really care. I'd rather watch PBA bowling on a Sunday afternoon than any women's basketball game. I compared it to high school basketball, but I have definitely watched more televised men's high school games than women's games at any level. Sorry ladies, but there's a reason the WNBA won't exist in 10 years.

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