Wednesday, November 25, 2015

It's time for New York Jets to start Geno Smith at quarterback

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With their 24-17 loss in Houston on Sunday, the New York Jets have fallen into a four-way tie for the AFC's final Wild Card spot. Previously tied with just the Buffalo Bills, the Jets now have to contend with the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans at 5-5 as well.

The Bills and Texans are treading water while the Jets trend down, and the Chiefs are red hot with four straight wins following a 1-4 start. On the surface, it may seem like the Jets have a decent chance of making the playoffs, but a New York Times simulator disagrees, putting their chances of making the playoffs at 12 percent. The Chiefs sit at 79 percent, the Texans at 39 and the Bills at 36. Kansas City has an easy schedule down the stretch, while New York faces three teams with at least five wins and the Dallas Cowboys, who are 3-0 with Tony Romo under center.

My preseason sentiment after Ryan Fitzpatrick was named the starter was that the Jets' ceiling was 8-8, even with a potentially solid running game and a good defense. I was eating plenty of crow after the team's 4-1 start, but now it appears that the Jets' ultimate ceiling is, in fact, what I thought it was. 

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