Friday, November 15, 2013

Should the New York Knicks Trade Iman Shumpert?

COMMENTARY | This article should start with full disclosure: Iman Shumpert is my favorite player on the New York Knicks.

My love of the way he plays the game borders on unhealthy and he's a key piece to the Knicks' roster, representing the youth and defense that they so sorely lack. So why are the Knicks so interested in trading him in a deal for Kenneth Faried?

The easy answer is to blame the dysfunctional and desperate franchise for being, well, dysfunctional and desperate, but it goes deeper than that. Shumpert's name has come up in trade talks since last season's trade deadline in February amid rumors he requested a trade, which were later refuted. Faried is a good player who would help the Knicks' rebounding woes, but the Nuggets want a first-round pick along with Shumpert, which is too much to give.

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