Thursday, February 18, 2010

Duke lax accuser charged with attempted murder

Karma's a bitch. And apparently so is Crystal Mangum.

Yes, the same Crystal Mangum who was at the center of Duke lacrosse rape scandal four years ago. The irony in this situation is almost too much for me.

Mangum is reported to have been involved in a domestic dispute with her boyfriend Milton Walker, punching him and throwing objects at him before attempting to burn all of his clothes in a bathtub, starting a fire that led to the evacuation of the house including three children 10 years old or younger. There are few other details at this point, but if you listen to the 911 call from a 9-year-old at the house you can hear loud female screams in the background.

Mangum was charged with first-degree attempted murder after shouting that she was going to stab Walker in front of police officers, as well as five counts of arson, simple assault, identity theft, damage to property and resist, delay and obstruction of justice.

This much is obvious: Mangum is a PSYCHO. If anything, this proves how much of a scumbag prosecutor Mike Nifong was when he tried to railroad Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty and David Evans four years ago on Mangum's word that they raped her at a party and later tried to charge them with a hate crime (Mangum is black).

I'm not sure how many people know how I feel about hate crimes, but I believe punishment should fit the crime, not the motive. Unless a criminal admits to a particular motive or there is past evidence of racism/anti-semetism (which there wasn't in the Duke case), you can't prove motive. There's a reason Nifong stepped down after the players were cleared.

But back to Mangum. I hope this bitch (excuse my language) rots in jail for a long time. To falsely accuse three college athletes of rape is deplorable, particularly when you are a criminal and attempted murderer in your own right.

Mangum did her best to ruin the lives of three young men, and the only justice in this case would be if her life is ruined as a result of her recent crimes. Call me insensitive or politically incorrect (or both, because you're probably right), but I really do hope she ends up with a long prison sentence. Then maybe she'll know what it really feels like to get raped.

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